On your wedding day, everything has to pack a punch. The food, the flowers, the DRESS! In today's Instagram world, the newest thing that has to pop is that backdrop. Gone are the days of posing in front of a plain wall and being done with it. The pictures have to be Instagram worthy. 
Enter us.
We have a beautiful selection of flower walls, light up backdrops and draping (which will be added to our portfolio soon) that will help your pictures stand out. We also offer up lights and additional lighting for those venues that may need a little extra light.



Our beautiful Snow White is a 3D ivory flower wall set on a drape meaning that the days of unsightly netting peeking through the flowers is a thing of the past. Fluffy as winters' snow, this wall is an amazing statement for your event.

With our top quality faux roses and hydrangeas tumbling across your backdrop in beautiful peaks and valleys, every picture will be a good one.



Royal Blush is a beautiful 3D pink flower wall set on a drape in one piece. There will be no rays of light shining through this wall as it is so densely packed with our top quality faux roses and hydrangeas that there simply wouldn't be room.